Fairview Baptist Church Vision

We see people in our Community
 ~ Belonging to a local visible Church,  
 ~ Believing God's message in Scripture,
  ~ Becoming devoted followers of Christ


Fairview Baptist Church Values

 Christ Centered:
  Honoring God in everything we do as a community following Christ.
  Growing together on the lifelong journey of cultivating Christ-like character.

 Biblically Based:
  Communicating Scripture with cultural relevance and artistic creativity.
  Teaching Biblical truth for life-change, and challenging people to respond.

 Prayer Powered:
  Growing more intimate in our relationship with God through prayer.
  Seeking God's guidance in every decision and interceding for needs.

 Life Changing:
  Offering a safe place to ask questions and an environment of grace to find hope.
  Providing relevant ministries to help people of all ages grow into mature disciples.

 Servant Sending:
  Equipping each other to use our God-given abilities and financial resources to serve.
  Relationally sharing the life-changing message of Christ with people in our lives.